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Waste to Wood for Good

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At Globe-Eco,
we’ve discovered how to combine waste from coconut plantations with unrecyclable plastic to create the world’s largest supply of sustainable building materials.

Our mission is to create an economic engine for coconut countries.


From This...

Using waste for raw materials

to This...

To make wood building materials

for This...

For a hopeful future

The world’s coconut plantations generate over 100 million tons of waste each year...

Coconut Waste Burn

This waste is openly burned, releasing millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the air.

Coconut producing countries are also the top 10 producers of plastic waste that ends up in the world’s oceans. They create nearly 1 million tons of toxic ocean microplastics each year.

Plastic River

Waste to wood with a breakthrough system


120 Million Cubic Meters

of Sustainable Building Materials Per Year

Globe-Eco coconut fiberboards are superior substitutes for timber fiberboards and provide a sustainable supply to meet global demand for wood products. They offer increased resistance to fire, moisture, fungus, and insects compared to timber-based alternatives.


Globe-Eco building materials can be repeatedly recycled back to their virgin state extending their 100-year service-life indefinitely.

For good

Annual Environmental Social Economic Impact

1 Coconut Processing Unit

  • Food security: 500,000 people
  • Livelihood: 5,000 families
  • Public housing: 5,714 units
  • Typhoon resistant trees: 100,000

Transformng waste to wood for good to ignite an economic revival for millions around the globe.

We need your help to deploy


people. planet. prosperity.


Save the World

people. planet. prosperity.

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Making the world a better place is a team effort. 

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